1. The pen body is made of high-quality 6061 aviation aluminum by CNC turning, milling and drilling machine tools, and the surface is anodized.

2. Brand new creative design, integrated structure with multiple functions: writing, broken windows, lighting, cutting, defense, EDC tools.

3. The product is light and portable, suitable for daily use such as outdoor survival, self-defense, office writing, car escape, cool play, etc.

Product parameters:

Color: cool black, army gray,

Product size: length 162mm diameter 13.8mm

Product weight: 42g

Pen body material: 6061 aviation aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation

Pen material: stainless steel with embedded tungsten steel (YG8) Refill: high quality gel pen

LED wick: Nichia (original imported from Japan) Brightness: 12 lumens

Power supply: No. 10180 80mAh

Run time: more than 4 hours

LED light switch: magnetic control rotation control circuit board: three gears (strong light, weak light, flashing)

UBS charging interface: Universal data cable for Android system

Rechargeable Tactical Strobe Led Self-Defense EDC Pen

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