The Rhino QF-002M medic bag adopts a telescopic expansion inner panel design, which expands the item fixing module, and can carry a richer variety of first-aid items while maintaining the same volume. At the same time, the telescopic inner panel design allows users to quickly transfer important items. .

The red handle design allows users to quickly and conveniently take out the contents of the bag. Achieve one-handed operation.

The medical bag is opened and closed with a double-row zipper, which allows the user to quickly extract the contents of the bag.

The appearance is compact and concise, and the cordura material can withstand the test of various harsh environments.


Name: RHINO First Aid Kit

:Waterproof, breathable and wear resistant

Size :23*15*8cm

Weight about:300g/1

Rhino RESCUE QF-002M IFAK Military First Aid Kit

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